Vale friend and member Liz Collins

The Parents & Friends group lost a dear friend with the passing of Liz Collins in August. Liz came to the school in 2016 and immediately made an impact with her infectious enthusiasm and energy in the school community, but particularly in the Parents & Friends group where she was a regular volunteer and a crafter of boundless energy.

Liz, 38, was a powerhouse in the crafting group that supplies so many of the handmade items for the Mothers’ and Fathers’ day stalls.

Co-ordinator Mandy Gordon-Lee said Liz’s huge creative output and energy inspired the group to produce more crafts than ever before.

liz-collins“The craft group will not be the same without her but are blessed to have been a part of her life,” Mandy said.

Liz was a shining soul, positive and quick-witted, who combined creativity with practicality, gentleness with passion and sensitivity with honesty.

She is greatly missed not only by the group but by many in the school community.

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Father’s Day Stall, September 1

Thank you to all the crafters, bakers and candlestick makers who provided wares for the stall, as well as the many volunteers who turned up on the day to help out.

Raising more than $2500 for the school, the 2017 Father’s Day stall was the most successful yet, due in no small part to the human dynamos, Amanda Gordon-Lee and Kirrily Noonan, who corralled and co-ordinated all the crafters and bakers and goods for the day. Well done everyone!

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Barbecue August 12: Erika’s last “stand”

After two years of 6am starts on a Saturday to make pancake mix and prepare the Farmers’ Market barbecue, Erika Vella has called it a day.

Erika co-ordinated the school’s stall at the market on the second Saturday each month, relaxed, unfazed and always with a smile. Erika did her final shift on Saturday, August 12. Thanks Erika for all your work.


Thanks to the parents of 2B who turned out to help. Thanks of Lewis with Charlie, David and Chrisha with Sophia, Kate with Ted, Ben with Greyson, Liz with Emma and Dan, Shaun with Jackson, Mehrnaz with Artin, Siham with Noah, Anicca, Angela with Jing and Tamara and Paul with Ada, Camille and Clea, as well as grandparents Janet and Don.

Volunteer numbers in 2017 have been great, so thanks to all in the school community, Your help is, as always, greatly appreciated.

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Like a big pizza pie, that’s Carnevale

This year’s end-of-term Carnevale lunch was another great success, raising more than $1870 for the school. A huge thanks must go to La Generalissima, Michelle Lorier, who manages to work as a chef, care for two girls and carry much of the load for these lunches which come round all too frequently. Michelle not only plans the menus, but does much of the food preparation and cooking.

The sublime Miinot Gelato, in Pascoe Vale South, also kindly offered their services and
equipment to help make the gelato.


Thanks also to the man volunteers who helped with prep and serving: Jackie Hanson, Meredith Dimsey, Liz Pye, Paul Sutton, Jane Holroyd, Tamara Heath, Lyn Beale, Ruzi Duric, Amanda Tabone and Michelle’s mother-in- law. Grazie tante!

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Mother’s Day stall sets a record

The 2017 Mother’s Day stall would appear to have been the school’s most successful yet, raising a record $2600.


So, thank you to all the crafters, bakers and candlestick makers who provided wares for the stall, as well as the many volunteers who turned up on the day to help out.

A particular shout-out must go to Amanda Gordon-Lee and Kirrily Noonan for organising and coordinating what is a mammoth task of organising, mustering and estimating the number of products required.

The growth in the school roll made the number of items for this year’s stall particularly difficult to estimate.

The Saturday Mother’s Day craft stall was also a huge success, attracting 16 stallholders who raised another $640 for the school.


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Farmers’ Markets, April 22 and May 13

Some overdue thanks to the parents and carers of Foundation B and C who turned out for the last two Coburg Farmers’ markets.

Thank you to Nicola Andrews with Jack, Shaun with Louis, Gavin with Zoe, Leah with Dylan, Paul Cavicchiolo with Eva, Fiona with Jackson, Kelly with Luca, Sana with Fazil, Liz with Archie and Georgie Murphy. Thanks also to Jackie Hanson, Mike Bruce with Billy and Matt Abbott who turned up to breach the gaps on the Anzac Day weekend.


Billy, of the Tigers, and Archie, of the Cats, helping out at the gate with Liz.

A special congratulations to the parents/carers of Foundation C who set a record for the market of May 13, namely, that we had enough volunteers to not have to put out a call for more helpers. So … well done!

Thank you to Jeff with Ernie, Luke with Noah, Ravi with Shruthika, Mary with Gemma, Sarah with Ned, VIcki with Essien, Debbie and Dave with Georgia, Richard and Rachel with son Josh, Mitzi with Frida, Dallas with Quinn and Adriana with Frieda.


Thank you all. The next market is this Saturday, May 27, when Foundation D is up.

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What’s on for second term …

Thanks to everyone who attended our second meeting of the year – on Monday, May 1 – it is always great to have you onboard.

After a successful first term, where we raised more than $8000, things are already full steam ahead for this coming term.

Members of the craft committee have been creating a host of masterpieces for the Mother’s Day Stall, to be held on Friday, May 12.

We are sure the students are going to be delighted with the range of items for sale on the day.

Thank you to our coordinators, Mandy and Kirrily, and their creative cohort for all the work that goes into preparing for the stall.

We are also very excited about our first coffee morning – to be held from 8.30-10.30am on Friday, May 19. We hope this regular event will build a network of happy, connected and engaged parents across the school.

Our term lunch will be held on the last Friday of term (June 30) and will be Italian-themed to coincide with Carnevale celebrations at the school. Michelle has a yummy menu planned and we will start promoting the items for sale closer to the event.

We know there were some issues with the delivery of food at the last lunch, but we are confident everything has been sorted out and it won’t happen again.

At the meeting, we also agreed to set aside $1000 of our fundraising money for a student-led project. We look forward to seeing what the students decide to buy for their school.

Plans are also under way for how we will contribute to this year’s Make.Noise festival.

Thanks to our comms guru Mike, we will continue to keep the school community updated and get our message out through regular posts on the school’s website, in the newsletter and on this blog.

Feel free to email us at if you want to know more about anything related to Parents & Friends.

Tamara and Jackie


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