What’s on for second term …

Thanks to everyone who attended our second meeting of the year – on Monday, May 1 – it is always great to have you onboard.

After a successful first term, where we raised more than $8000, things are already full steam ahead for this coming term.

Members of the craft committee have been creating a host of masterpieces for the Mother’s Day Stall, to be held on Friday, May 12.

We are sure the students are going to be delighted with the range of items for sale on the day.

Thank you to our coordinators, Mandy and Kirrily, and their creative cohort for all the work that goes into preparing for the stall.

We are also very excited about our first coffee morning – to be held from 8.30-10.30am on Friday, May 19. We hope this regular event will build a network of happy, connected and engaged parents across the school.

Our term lunch will be held on the last Friday of term (June 30) and will be Italian-themed to coincide with Carnevale celebrations at the school. Michelle has a yummy menu planned and we will start promoting the items for sale closer to the event.

We know there were some issues with the delivery of food at the last lunch, but we are confident everything has been sorted out and it won’t happen again.

At the meeting, we also agreed to set aside $1000 of our fundraising money for a student-led project. We look forward to seeing what the students decide to buy for their school.

Plans are also under way for how we will contribute to this year’s Make.Noise festival.

Thanks to our comms guru Mike, we will continue to keep the school community updated and get our message out through regular posts on the school’s website, in the newsletter and on this blog.

Feel free to email us at cnps_pf@hotmail.com if you want to know more about anything related to Parents & Friends.

Tamara and Jackie


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2 Responses to What’s on for second term …

  1. Sarah says:

    I was deeply disappointed with the mothers day stall. The items were clearly overpriced and felt the studennt were at a disadvantage
    This needs to change because kids are being taken advantage of.

    • Thanks for your feedback Sarah. I am sorry you were disappointed with the prices – because everything is handmade and to a relatively small scale – our prices are usually just set to cover the costs of our volunteers and for a small profit for the school. However, we are always keen to find ways we can do better. P&F’s next meeting is Monday, August 7 at 7pm in the aftercare room and we’ll be starting to plan the Father’s day stall – it would be great if you would be able to come along to help with planning for future stalls. Tamara (CNPS_PF@hotmail.com)

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