Farmers’ Markets, April 22 and May 13

Some overdue thanks to the parents and carers of Foundation B and C who turned out for the last two Coburg Farmers’ markets.

Thank you to Nicola Andrews with Jack, Shaun with Louis, Gavin with Zoe, Leah with Dylan, Paul Cavicchiolo with Eva, Fiona with Jackson, Kelly with Luca, Sana with Fazil, Liz with Archie and Georgie Murphy. Thanks also to Jackie Hanson, Mike Bruce with Billy and Matt Abbott who turned up to breach the gaps on the Anzac Day weekend.


Billy, of the Tigers, and Archie, of the Cats, helping out at the gate with Liz.

A special congratulations to the parents/carers of Foundation C who set a record for the market of May 13, namely, that we had enough volunteers to not have to put out a call for more helpers. So … well done!

Thank you to Jeff with Ernie, Luke with Noah, Ravi with Shruthika, Mary with Gemma, Sarah with Ned, VIcki with Essien, Debbie and Dave with Georgia, Richard and Rachel with son Josh, Mitzi with Frida, Dallas with Quinn and Adriana with Frieda.


Thank you all. The next market is this Saturday, May 27, when Foundation D is up.

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