Bumper Bunnings barbie

It was cold and there was rain, a lot of rain, but luckily the weather did little to dampen the general public’s enthusiasm for sausages and sauce in bread.

Coburg North Parents & Friends ran the barbecue at the Gaffney St Bunnings on Saturday, June 4.

As always, we are so grateful to our generous volunteers, especially those who were up early on a Saturday morning to start the ball, well barbecue, rolling (that’s you Elise, Gina and Mike).

We also feel very fortunate to have had so many fathers lend a helping hand, albeit looking a little worse for wear in some cases, after an apparently successful Dad’s Night Out the evening before.

In the end, we served up 70kg of sausages, 35 loaves of bread and 15kg of onions to make about $1800 for the school.

Thank you so much to Jackie, Lewy and Paul for hand cutting all the onions, and to our volunteers – Elise, Gina, Mike, Liz, Rachel, Justin, Ben, Matt, Kirrily, Diana, Paul and Chris – you are all awesome.

Thanks also to all the school families who showed their support by coming along to buy a sausage.



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2 Responses to Bumper Bunnings barbie

  1. Kirrily Noonan says:

    And to you Tamara for organising it all – including drive thru onions when we needed a top up!

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