Farmers’ Market, February 25

Thanks to all the parents of 1B – and others – who answered the call for the school stall at last Saturday’s Farmers’ Market.


On tong: (from left) Ada, Matt Abbott and Paul “The Guns” Sutton. (Pic: Benjy Lee)

The Parents & Friends group would like to thank Miss Carmel with partner Brett who helped on the barbecue, Travis, Troy with son Archie, Jasmin with daughter Nieva, Amanda with Jock and a big thank you to Colleen who brought along her husband their three kids before heading away for the weekend. Thanks to the parents from other grades who filled the shortfall – Kate (1D), Tamara and Paul with Ada (3/4A) and Camille (2), Alan (2C) and Matt with Charlotte and Jack (2C, Foundation A).

Your help is, as always, much appreciated.

The next school stall will take place on March 11th, when it will be the turn of Grade 1C. If you can help, email Erika at

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We’re back!

Thanks to everyone who attended our first meeting of the year, on Monday, February 20 in the aftercare room. It was great to see so many of you there.

There was plenty of discussion about our fundraising activities for this year at the meeting – obviously the barbecue and pancake stall at the Farmer’s Market will continue to be our main fundraising focus, and the successful  Make.Noise arts and crafts festival will be back louder than ever.

We plan to continue to run themed special lunch events every term, and the craft group will be back in action making lovely items to sell at craft stalls for Mother’s and Father’s Day and Christmas.

There are even some ideas floating around for an art auction and mango drive – so watch this space.

Our first event of the year will be the barbecue at the Twilight Sports on March 23, and our recruitment drive for volunteers to help set up and run the barbecue has begun. Email if you are keen to help.

This year’s P&F committee are:

Presidents – Jackie Hanson (mum of Charlie in Gr 2) and Tamara Heath (mum of Ada in Gr 4 and Camille in Gr 2)
Treasurer – Meredith Dimsey (mum of Logan in Gr 5 and Holly in Gr 2)
Secretary – Kalissa Alexeyeff (mum of Frank in Gr 5 and Dan in Gr 2)

Have a chat to any of us in the school yard or email if you are interested in getting involved in this year’s activities.

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Farmers’ Market, February 11

The parents of 1A (and others) who helped out at the school’s first 2017 stall at the Coburg Farmers’ Market have set a cracking pace in the early running.

The stall had a terrific turnout, so thank you to … Jim Parsons with Lucinda, Sue Giles with Emily, Sian Harrison with Thomas,  Phil Richter with Hildie, Sophia and Dylon with Georgia, Jason McSpeerin with Jed, Cecilia Riebl with Hugo, Virginia Arndt with Audrey, Alan (who kindly stepped in to help out with the gate), Carolyn with Jack, Rene Sephton with Elikya, Alan with Lillian, and Matt Abbott who kindly stepped in to help out with the barbecue.

Thanks also to Erika Vella and Mike Bruce who “manned” the bucket at the gate at markets during the holiday period.


The next school stall at the market will be on February 25, when it will be the turn of Grade 1B to help out.

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Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!

The grand total for this year’s Parents and Friends fundraising efforts is almost $50,000.

This amazing total includes:

  • $25,000 raised by the farmers market
  • $8000 raised by the Make.Noise Festival, and
  • $18,000 raised by end of month lunches, craft and cake stalls, the Bunnings barbecue and other fundraising activities – this includes $1300 raised at last week’s fabulous Christmas stall.

With this money, Parents and Friends was able to purchase new basketball rings, sponsor one of our students and support other school events such as the Family Maths Night last term.

The remainder of the money will be put towards other school projects including new sun shades over the deck outside the multipurpose room.

farmers market pic

We would like to thank each and every parent who attended our meetings, coordinated events, created beautiful craft, baked delicious cakes and slices, prepared and served food at the canteen, Twilight Sports or Bunnings barbecue, staffed the stalls, cooked sausages and pancakes or volunteered their time in any other way – as you can see, your efforts have made a huge difference (and hopefully, for the most part, was mostly a chance for a chat and laugh with other parents!).

Next year there will be classroom volunteer coordinators to help maintain parent involvement levels as the school. But don’t worry, there will still be plenty of other ways to be involved.


See you next year – and don’t forget to buy some Ecostore soap from the school office to make sure you have a clean and sweet-smelling festive season!

Tamara and Jackie (Parents and Friends co-presidents) and Meredith (treasurer)

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Christmas Stall

It’s Christmas time. And there’s no need to be afraid. Because …. the Parents & Friends group has things covered at its annual Christmas Stall this Wednesday, December 14.

With items priced from from as little as $1, there’s something to bring a smile to the face of everyone, so don’t forget to send the kids to school with some money on Wednesday.

From lip balm to baking, from bunting to baubles and candles to coasters, there’s a great range of handmade items at never-to-be repeated prices.


And … Merry Christmas!!!



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Four seasons in one … hour. Farmers’ Market, October 22

At a late August market when the sun made its first appearance, one of the stallholders dared to venture that the winter was over. The fourth-Saturday market of October put paid to that theory, as – in Ruzi’s words – it wasn’t four seasons in one day, but four seasons in one hour.

In light of that, thank you very much to parents and children who … ahem … fronted the front.

Thanks to Liz Pye, Rachel and Bridget, Shane and Asha, Susie and husband Peter with Marieanne, Craig and Fiona with William, Meredith and Holly, Tamara and Camille, Janene and Millie, Kirrily, Sue and husband Ben, Jenny with daughters Janey and Scarlett, Siham and Diana.



Your help is, as always, much appreciated.

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Cakes, democracy and gingerbread men …

The voting queue was at times ridiculously long at Coburg North on Saturday but Parents and Friends made sure to sweeten the experience for those exercising their democratic right at the school.

IMG_4667Our election day cake stall raised $530 and we couldn’t have done it without all the bakers who donated goods – thank you Amelia, Kirrily, Shelley, Andrea, Patricia, Sue, Anya, Michelle, Paul, Erika, Jenny, Jackie, Carolyn, Ruzi and Vanessa for your generous and delicious donations.

For those wondering why we only held the cake stall and did not hold a barbecue this year,  it was a decision made after much debate and consideration. In the end we decided that, as the farmer’s market is our major fundraiser, we did not want to draw business away from its food stalls. The market’s ongoing success depends on its stallholders.

Though a sausage sizzle would have raised more money, we were thrilled with how much the cake stall raised and how many people pitched in, right in the middle of the school holidays, to help make it a success.

A big shout-out has to go to the wonderful Sue, who coordinated the event and baked into the night, and through a disastrous jelly explosion, to make sure the stall was well stocked.

And also to Aaron, Ada and Camille (all pictured) for their excellent efforts in the sales department.

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