We’re back!

Thanks to everyone who attended our first meeting of the year, on Monday, February 20 in the aftercare room. It was great to see so many of you there.

There was plenty of discussion about our fundraising activities for this year at the meeting – obviously the barbecue and pancake stall at the Farmer’s Market will continue to be our main fundraising focus, and the successful  Make.Noise arts and crafts festival will be back louder than ever.

We plan to continue to run themed special lunch events every term, and the craft group will be back in action making lovely items to sell at craft stalls for Mother’s and Father’s Day and Christmas.

There are even some ideas floating around for an art auction and mango drive – so watch this space.

Our first event of the year will be the barbecue at the Twilight Sports on March 23, and our recruitment drive for volunteers to help set up and run the barbecue has begun. Email cnps_pf@hotmail.com if you are keen to help.

This year’s P&F committee are:

Presidents – Jackie Hanson (mum of Charlie in Gr 2) and Tamara Heath (mum of Ada in Gr 4 and Camille in Gr 2)
Treasurer – Meredith Dimsey (mum of Logan in Gr 5 and Holly in Gr 2)
Secretary – Kalissa Alexeyeff (mum of Frank in Gr 5 and Dan in Gr 2)

Have a chat to any of us in the school yard or email cnps_pf@hotmail.com if you are interested in getting involved in this year’s activities.

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