End-of-term lunch, April 29

Three hundred ANZAC biscuits, almost 150 mezze plates and around 450 slices of pita bread were the order of the day at the “end-of-term” lunch late last month.

Charlotte, Imogen and Ada from 3/4B digging in.

Charlotte, Imogen and Ada from 3/4B digging in.

A huge thanks to the parents who helped make it possible, particularly to the ridiculously industrious Michelle Lorier who, in between working and caring for two girls, managed to churn out a mountain of ANZAC biscuits and what seemed like four metric tonnes of hummus. Thanks also to Janine Strahan and Jenny Dun who baked a couple of hundred biscuits between them and to Meredith Dimsey who did a sterling job with the preparation on the day.

Jenny, Meredith, Kate Pruis, Michelle Di Blasi and token bloke Mike Bruce also helped with prep and serving on the day – thank you!

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One Response to End-of-term lunch, April 29

  1. Liz says:

    And the kids loved it – well done and thank you!!! to everyone who continues to make these lunches possible it is truly appreciated!

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