Farmers’ Market April 23

A huge thank you to all the volunteers who turned out to help at last Saturday’s Farmers’ Market (April 23) – a long weekend to boot – which started out slowly but turned out to be a bonanza, with a larger-than-normal batch of pancakes selling out before market’s end.

Thank you once again to the incomparable Erika Vella for her tireless efforts, to Brian and son Luka, Gemma and daughter Ada, Rebecca  and Carmine and their daughter Giada, Magnus and son Per, Hannah, Noah and Siham, Mike and daughter Charlotte, Benjamin with Lilian and Ruby, Brett with Virginia and their daughter Audrey, Michelle and Oriana and Wendy with Jodie and their daughter Marlie. A special thank you to Coralie and Mehrnaz who weren’t rostered on, but jumped in late in the proceedings to help out with the final hour and clean-up. Sorry to anyone who might have been left off the list – please know your help is greatly appreciated and that the market simply cannot operate without you.

farmers market pic

Further funds were raised for our new basketball hoops and backboards.

With the market now running weekly, the next market will be on April 30, but with no school-run food stall at that market and the next, school volunteers won’t be required until the May 14 when it’s the turn of Foundation B who will soon be doing their pancake licences.

For those parents who haven’t had an opportunity to help out, it’s a load of fun and a great way to get to know other parents and children.

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