Parents and Friends – October meeting minutes

CNPS Parents and Friends Meeting

Date: 26-10-2015
Time: 7.30pm-8.50pm
Venue: After-care room, Coburg North Primary School
Minutes: Tamara Heath
Attendees: Tamara Heath, Liz Pye, Meredith Dimsey, Michelle Lorier
Apologies: Diana Furness, Michele Luminato, Jackie Hanson


1 President’s and Treasurer’s report Liz Pye
Not a lot to report this month. End of term month (pie day) we made about $700 and the Rotary raffle was about $840, which was a good result for something that didn’t require a lot of work.
Pie day went smoothly, Aldi pies were good and easy to warm up. We had large pie warmer this year, which we didn’t have last time.

• Nil

2 School Council Report
No report

3 Food and craft report Liz

End of month lunch is in hand. We need some volunteers – Michelle to talk to some people and Liz will email Prep parents.
November lunch needs to be worked out – Michelle will be unavailable. Liz will do it and make rice paper rolls/sushi and get children to help her. Discussed tuna (as fish is halal) and vegetable options rather than raw fish.

• Choir to be fed early for this week’s lunch.
• Liz and Michelle to recruit volunteers for the day.
• Liz to speak to teachers about getting Grade 3 and 4 students to help with November lunch
• Michelle to talk to Andrea about making mango ice-cream for November end of month lunch
• To communicate to school council that Parents and Friends doesn’t have the capacity to cater for the Prep barbecue
4 Other business

Outstanding tasks from previous meeting

• Helen has sent a letter to Bunnings about next year’s barbecue
• An item has been placed in the newsletter advising of the rescheduling of the craft festival.
• Erika will coordinate Christmas stall
• Tamara contacted Kerry and Anna about promoting the P&F meetings
• Liz to speak to Katherine Fry about coordinating calendars again this year
• Liz found another pancake maker at a trash and treasure

Craft festival
At this stage the proposed date will be in May and to coincide with farmer’s market. Stall will be open during the market and then music and workshops will start after the farmer’s market closes. Miss Gill will run workshops in the art room. Meeting to be held on 13 November to scope festival.

Food will be required all day so will ask farmer’s market stalls to stay on and run a barbecue later in the day.

We’ll need to find judges of note for art competition – have both kid and adult art competitions. There will be an art auction in the evening.

End of term lunch for next year
Michelle is considering her options as to whether she wants to continue next year, it is a lot of work and there will be an influx of about 70 extra students to cater for.
Options include recipes being written up for parents to follow, making it less regular or stopping doing it altogether – although it is felt there are numerous benefits to the event.
Possible solution is running a kitchen garden program – and person employed to run this.

Next year events
Prep barbecue (no capacity)
Twilight sports
Bunnings barbecue

• November 13, 2.30pm – craft festival meeting and afternoon tea. Liz will put something in the newsletter
• Keep an eye out for ads for art auctions so we can attend and make note
• Feedback to school council about concerns with feasibility of end of month lunches long term. The program is great for the kids, introduces them to new cuisines, tastes and cultures (ie indigenous) but is going to be difficult to continue next year given how many new Preps the school is expected to enrol. A possible solution is for a person to be employed to run kitchen garden program one day a week, and that the person in that position could incorporate an end of term month as part of the program (using some herbs/ingredients from the garden)
• Start scheduling monthly daytime meetings and then once a term evening meeting. Only minute the evening meeting and the other one can just be a discussion.
• Next Parents and Friends meeting at the pub as an end of the year social event.
Meeting closed at 8.50pm
Monday, 23 November at 7.30pm (end of year celebration)

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