Minutes for September meeting

CNPS Parents and Friends Meeting

Date: 07-09–2015
Time: 7.30pm-9.40 pm
Venue: After-care room, Coburg North Primary School
Minutes: Tamara Heath
Attendees: Tamara Heath, Liz Pye, Olympia Tzanoudakis, Meredith Dimsey, Diana Furness, Liz Pye, Kim Mason
Apologies: Michele Luminato, Michelle Lorier, Jackie Hanson

1. President and Treasurer reports Liz 7.30pm
2. School council report Olympia 8pm
3. Food report Liz 8.15pm
4. Craft report Michele 8.30pm
5. Arts and Crafts Festival Liz and Michele 8.45pm
6. Bullying Carla/Liz 9pm
7. Any other business


1 Introduction Liz Pye

President’s Report – September 2015

It has been an incredibly busy month – A really big thank you to everyone involved with the Bush Dance and Father’s Day stall. Both events were great successes raising large sums of money for the school.

The feedback from the events has been excellent with the school community appreciating the opportunity to put on their dancing shoes, and the kids loving the goods for sale on the Father’s Day stall. (I’m sure the Dads will have been equally appreciative).

Non Farmers Market Fundraising totals this year are as follows:

Month Event Raised

Feb-15 EOM Lunch $862

Mar-15 Twilight Sports $1038

Mar-15 EOM Lunch $480

Apr-15 Mothers Day $1032

Apr-15 EOM Lunch $618

May-15 Bunnings BBQ $1913

May-15 EOM Lunch $579

Jun-15 EOM Lunch $1106

Jul-15 EOM Lunch $559

Aug-15 Coles BBQ $668

Aug-15 Bush Dance $3095

Sep-15 Fathers Day $1200

YTD $13,150

Expenses $730

Net YTD $12420

Everyone connected with parents and friends should be proud of the contribution they have made to these totals, especially as it has all been raised (with the exception of the Bunnings & Coles BBQs) via events which make a positive contribute to school life.

So far this year we have ensured the kids experience a wide range of cuisines (in their vegetarian form): Chinese, Turkish, Italian, Indian, Mexican and Indigenous foods. They have learnt they heel and toe polka, danced with their friends and families at the Bush Dance and they are getting used to shopping, handling money, getting change and making choices at our stalls.

While we have a number of fundraising activities left for this year; End of month lunches, Christmas Stall and Christmas Art/Calendars as well as the Farmer’s Markets, some of our attention will now shift to next year and in particular volunteer recruitment and the Arts & Craft Festival which is now planned for March 2016.

Meeting discussion
No end of month lunch in August due to the bush dance.

Since last meeting, father’s day stall made about $1200 and the bush dance made $3095.

Stall went well. Initially thought there would be too many food items but they ended up being sold. The areas for improvement were that Preps went last and there were barely any items left – it would be easier if this occurred for older grades. There were some really great items on sale. There is usually less spent on father’s day than mother’s day but it was only $200 less this time, which was a great result.
Bush dance went well, feedback has been good. The food was well received but we probably had too many menu items. The gourmet sausages were not well received. There were some concerns about children and supervision in the dark. We resolved to advise parents that parental supervision is required at after school events, some parents may have thought teachers would be supervising. Also, perhaps next time a MC is needed to guide the event.

Farmer’s market – June $1700 and $1700, July was about both about $1400, August was $1300 and $1500. Takings have been steady considering the cold winter. Olympia noted it will be interesting to see the impact of the opening of the new Coles on the farmer’s market, including the barbecue.

Farmer’s market – there has been feedback about better briefing of volunteers and the need to be mindful of presentation of our food and customer service.

• Item to be put in newsletter advising that craft festival has been rescheduled (Michele).
• Di to organise Helen to send a thank you letter to Bunnings.
• Note for next year’s stall, that food items need to be colourful and items that are available easy for younger kids to recognise/understand.
• Liz to check with Michele if she is happy to coordinate Christmas stall.

2 School Council Report Olympia

Olympia said the school council was impressed with the amount of money being raised and how well organised the events – and to say thank you on behalf of the school council.

Discussed the need to feedback to the school community what fundraising money is being spent on. We need to advertise something other than the kitchen renovation for the farmer’s market. Suggested that amphitheatre.

Blog needs to have information about next meetings, location. Maybe need to have a FB event (Kerry Thompson) for each meeting and added to school calendar (Anna).

Financial compensation for volunteers – consider gift card or percentage of takings. Olympia to take to council having a paid position to coordinate kitchen garden program and combine with end of term lunch.

• Olympia to ask school council if P&F fundraising money can go towards amphitheatre project and update the farmer’s market signage accordingly.
• Tamara to contact Kerry and Anna with dates for future meetings
• Olympia to take to council having a paid position to coordinate kitchen garden program and coordinate with end of term lunch – and pay a person to coordinate.
3 Food and craft report Liz

No reports – see president’s notes

• Nil
4 Other business


Carla Bruce-Lee asked that bullying information she submitted to school council be shared with P&F members. Information was circulated to members and any issues/questions/feedback should be directed to Carla or school council members.

Activities for rest of year:

End of month lunches
Meredith is coordinating pie day. Jacqui has said she would help coordinate. Order forms went out today.

Rotary raffle
Meredith is coordinating. People have until the end of the term to return books.

Members discussed this and resolved to try to go ahead with it this year.

Volunteer recruitment
P&F need to recruit more members. Raised idea of daytime coffee and cannoli morning – and do it around the theme of organising next year’s calendar of events. It will be about events but not about fundraising as we do not require any additional fundraising events. Look at doing some basic promo material with P&F dates.

• Olympia has some pie warmers she can loan to the school for the day (Sept 18)
• Liz to email Katherine Fry about coordinating the calendars again this year.
• Members still need to keep an eye out for replacement pancake makers
• Set a date for afternoon tea. Liz to check when Michele is available and tie it in with the craft group.

Meeting closed at 9pm
Next meeting to be held on Monday, 26 October at 7.30pm
Monday, 23 November at 7.30pm

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