Minutes for May meeting

CNPS Parents and Friends Meeting

Date:         18-05-2015

Time:        7.30-9.15pm

Venue:    After-care room, Coburg North Primary School

Minutes: Tamara Heath

Attendees: Tamara Heath, Meredith Dimsey, Diana Furness, Liz Pye, David Joyner (SC rep), Jackie Hanson, Michelle Lorimer

Apologies: Dina Hameed, Sue Liebelt, Elise Grosser, Kalissa Alexeyeff, Michele Luminato,



Item # What(Content) Who Time
Reports Liz, David, Michele, Michelle, Meredith 7.30pm
Tasks from previous meetings 8pm
Other business including Mother’s Day stall, Bush Dance, Farmer’s Market, Bunnings barbecue, AOB Liz 8.15pm



Item # What(Content) Who
1. Reports  
President’s report – LizLizoutlined the key activities of Parents and Friends this month and the issues for consideration (as outlined below).

Task: Review P&F mailing list

Task: Add Meredith to mailing list


School council report – David Joyner

Action item of note was the dry river bed – Emma and Jules are putting together a budget for that. It is only likely to only cost $1500 as there will be donations of materials. Liz suggested we use parents who are able to write grants and apply for a grant for it.

The council voted against alcohol being served at school dance, it was a close 5-4 vote. We will revisit the issue for the art auction.


Task: Liz to email David the list of people who can apply for grants for the dry garden bed.


Treasurer report – Meredith

Mother’s Day stall raised $1400. End of month lunch (Turkish) raised $550. First Farmer’s Market in May made $961 and gate $794 – it was lovely weather and the Circus Spot performance, which brought people so takings were good. Last market in April made $500 on gate and less than $200 on barbecue, with takings down due to poor weather. We used leftover items from the rained-out market at the following market so the high takings is an inflated figure.


In 2014, the market made $8739.30 compared to this year’s takings of $8398.45.

In 2014, mother’s day stall made $990.85 compared to $1400 this year

In 2014, from January to April, we made $2137.95 (minus farmer’s market). In 2015, January to April, we made $4398.25 (minus farmer’s market). The big difference is the end of month lunch.

In 2014, from January to April, in total, P&F made $10,877.45 compared to $12,796.70 in 2015.

 Food group report – Michelle

Next end of month lunch, looking at incorporating indigenous foods. Michelle has suggested kangaroo meat pies but will need a vegetarian option. Kangaroo will need to be halal. Other options are sweet potato soup with lemon myrtle, damper, foraged greens and ricotta rolls, lemon myrtle shortbread.

There is an indigenous chef who might be able to advise on indigenous plants that can be used as food down the track.


Following that is Italian, to coincide with Carnevale. Plan is to offer pasta and pizza.


In August it will coincide with bush dance so will skip the lunch to focus on the dance catering.


Task: Liz to send out request for volunteers on behalf of Michelle.


Craft group report – Michele

No report. Will discuss next month.


Farmer’s market report – Liz and Diana

Having Circus Spot perform worked for the school, in terms of boosting sales, but not particularly for stallholders who did not see a boost in sales. MFM has a grant to teach the stallholders how to use social media, and setting up FB pages. CNPS now also has a FB page which needs to be shared. At Fairfield Market, people were turning up to do their shopping, but our market does not have the same support. Our gate takings are best indicator of numbers and they are slowing dropping. The school is going to start using a clicker to count people going through the gate but takings are currently best indicator. Suggestions to boost sales included having more pricing displayed to show it is competitive to supermarket.


Liz is looking for someone to take over the market and is having difficulty as we are not paying award rates. She gets paid $200 per market and award would be $380 – the can’t advertise it if it isn’t award wages. Discussed options including having a rep from each grade, roster of parents to split role, get volunteers to take on midweek role of shopping, publicity, rostering and then pay someone to run the market on the day.


Task: Use our FB page to promote pricing.

Task: Liz to talk to Jo about paying penalty rates and employing someone to run stall on the day – and split remainder of the roles among volunteers – roster of parents and friends.

Task: Increase pancakes to $4 to help cover increase to wages – from end of June.



Michael Hill is looking into recycling bins and compost facilities for the kitchen. Sarah wanted to know if we could run more events as waste-free event, in addition to Twilight Sports. Liz said we could look towards making the market waste-free but would require the facilities.


Sorry Day

Last week, Diana and Maggie got children to come and put handprints on banner. They are going to write Sorry across it this week. It will be displayed at assembly on Monday, May 25 and then hung it on school on the Tuesday, May 26. Teachers are talking to students about Sorry day and Reconciliation Day.


How fundraising is spent – question for school council

Parents and Friends has asked David to find out if the school has a strategy for how fundraising is spent and if P&F can have a say in where the money it has raised is directed. Traditionally it has been at the discretion of the principal but the school now has a strategic plan and P&F is making significantly more than it was. P&F would like the spending of fundraising money to be more transparent so the school community can be kept updated on where the money is going.

2/3. Tasks from previous meetings and other business  
Amphitheatre project
Feedback has been amalgamated and Liz has written report on the feedback and Michele has completed a design brief. Michele is then doing to start recruiting people to convert brief into an actual design. Liz to send it to school council (in particular buildings and grounds sub-committee) so they are aware of the project.
P&F logo
Michele has created a new PF logo and will email it through to Liz. 

Art auction
Agenda item for next meeting.


Bush dance – 28 August

Michelle thinking menu of sausage rolls, soup/chowder/bread and offer drinks for sale.

Discussed just having an entry ticket and people pre-ordering food so we don’t have to police ban on BYO food. Danger is that people won’t buy food and it doesn’t end up being the fundraiser that we hoped.

Discussed the ticket price and decided on $30 per family without food and $50 a family including food. Single parent – $30 with food and $20 without.

Band will need to have equipment hired for the night. Can see if we have connections to organise equipment. Will need a list of what is required.


Task: Tamara to talk to Carla about PA hire for the night.

Task: Tamara to do a running sheet of the night for music

Task: Michelle to finalise menu


Bunnings barbecue

Require more volunteers in the afternoon, Liz and Diana to seek out.


Social evening



New tasks arising from tonight’s meeting (and outstanding tasks)

·         Michelle to get in systems in place so that she is able to handover food events and not have to run all of them herself.

·         Schedule art auction event for October

·                Liz to speak to MFM about budget for signage – signs at the back of Mandy’s house.

·                Tamara and Meredith to begin recruiting volunteers for the Prep C market.

·                Michele has created a new PF logo and will email it through to Liz.

·                Michele to talk to Helen and Rhonda about art auction.



Meeting closed at 9.15pm.Next meeting on June 15 at 7.30pm



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