Coburg Band Night – At Coburg RSL


Mark Snarski (solo) + Mia Schoen + Totally Mild + Taylor Project (duo) + Tim & Bridget + Brown & Hurley (DEBUT!) + MC’d by Mrs Barb Wire – Coburg RSL Band Night #3!

323 Sydney Road, COBURG

7pm, $5 (includes light supper!)

All ages 0-101+ are welcome, minors with guardian.

The not for profit venue Coburg RSL is holding its 3rd Band Night, a unique ALL ages experience where no one is too OLD or YOUNG. As a community managed club which does not rely on pokies for its revenue, the Coburg RSL aims for the Band Night to be a fun, family-friendly celebration of local independent acts. We welcome all musical acts and a special spotlight is put on young/new up and coming acts which may be playing their first shows. Celebrate your local heroes with us on Saturday 5 July. Mrs Barb Wire (MC for the night) and the friendly staff/volunteers of the Coburg RSL will wend you down a path full of happy surprises, not least of which is the ‘Spam Raffle’. Coburg RSL Band Night #3, the best for less — only $5 & includes light supper! Have a look at this line-up!

In the early 80’s on the outskirts of Perth, brothers Mark and Rob Snarski formed the darkly literate Chad’s Tree. They had absorbed the music of the Velvet Underground, Television, The Doors, Tom Waits and Billie Holiday among others. They moved east, made records and then sadly at the end of the decade Chad’s Tree disbanded. Mark formed the Jackson Code while younger brother Rob formed The Blackeyed Susans along with members of The Triffids and other luminaries. These days Mark Snarski lives in Madrid, has recorded and toured with his new project The Nearly Brothers with his pals – Mick Harvey, Martyn P. Casey, T.B. Allen and “Bongo”. He’s back in Australia for a spell and we are very grateful to have him join us with a solo set!

Mia Schoen sings with a remarkably unique yet consistent perspective. She is adept at many talents (multi-instrumentalist, songwirter, painter, teacher) and she is a flexible collaborator. Schoen’s ethos and aesthetic, are rooted in a suburban realism. She explores everyday existence through her songs, as well as through her paintings, which grace the sleeves of most of her releases. These days, Schoen has left the inner-city to set up home in the western suburbs, a landscape which continues to inspire her creative output. Even the name of her current band, New Estate, evokes this fascination with life beyond the rarefied environment of urban intellectuals and lifestyle poseurs. Musically, Schoen has translated early influences such as Flying Nun records’ speed-freak jangle, or the shambolic pop of Swell Maps and The Pastels into a style she can truly call her own, whether she’s furiously strumming skewed chords on her guitar or coaxing wheezing beauty from a vintage electric organ. She’s playing a solo set.

Totally Mild is a self described ‘pop, a capella, home recording’ Melbourne band led by Melbourne’s Elizabeth Mitchell and including indie all-star Ashley Bundang. Following last September’s cassette tape release ‘Castanet’ and recent supports on album launches by everyone from Emma Russack to Full Ugly to Melbourne Cans, they’re putting out an LP later in the year via Bedroom Suck. Listen!

“Folk music with factoids”…Taylor Project are a Melbourne (and Elmore!) based country-folk band. They’ll playing a duo set. Youtube clips here:

Special guests Brown & Hurley will perform their debut show and young local artists Tim & Bridget will enthrall you.

Coburg RSL Band Night. The Best for Less.


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