At the Farmer’s Market

Last Summer a number of Coburg North Primary School students were involved in a design project which they named ‘Fashion Club’.  Fashion Club culminated in a fashion show at the last Farmer’s Market and at assembly last Monday.

This week’s Farmer’s Market sees the start of the next project (for which there are still spaces available).  The workshops are run by CNPS parent Michele Luminato and she explains below why they are important to her:

 Is your kid a little big thinker?

What if we allowed our children the opportunity to practice executing big ideas from the time they were little?

What kind of adult would they become?

What if we showed them how to break their idea down to achieve that goal?

What if we helped them understand that their ideas matter?

What if we allowed them to practice executing those ideas over and over until they were young adults?

What would they achieve? What would they reach for? How would they change the world?

More importantly, how would that change their life?

Today the idea of growing up to get a “good job” isn’t as easy as it use to be. The safety zone has moved and by the time our children have grown, University will not be a simple feasible solution for success. It will require more from them. It will require them to be big thinkers who stand out against the competition.

The good jobs that were the backbone of our culture (aka as “white-collar jobs” that paid well) are disappearing fast, and leaving worry as a aftermath. Young adults are getting degrees but not able to get jobs. The economy we live in today is very different from the one our parents grew up in. We have a surplus of choice and quality, and we are still bored looking for connections that matter.

The economy isn’t broken, it’s just different. The new “connection economy” as Seth Godin says revolves around the linchpin, the artist we can’t live without, the individual who chooses to do work that matters. He says we’ve been trained to prefer being right to learning something, to prefer passing the test to making a difference. That means that it’s easy to find people who will edit your typos but finding people to say “go” or lead a project is almost impossible. We are a culture that has followed orders instead of leading with our ideas. I wonder if it is because we think that our ideas don’t matter.

To give our children a fair chance in their future things have to change. It’s a time to help our children make a difference in their lives by teaching them to express their ideas. It’s time to break down the barriers of just following instructions and doing what they are told.

The world clearly needs more people who will take a chance, be problem solvers – creative thinkers. The worlds needs our little people to think outside the box.

It’s said that a person reaches success in a passion once they hit 10,000 hours. That might sound ambitious for little people but before you know it they will be grown.

Will they learn how to express an idea now? Will they learn to be confident now? Will you raise them with these skills or will they be left to find their way later?

We are calling out to all parents who do believe fighting for this is worthwhile cause. You can make a difference now.

Our mission with Lumi Opus “MINI MAKER” projects is teach them to share their ideas through projects that reinforce our reason for being: “my ideas matter”. It’s not about being right, or the best designed project, or even avoiding making mistakes. It is about taking risks and learning to solve their own problems by creatively thinking.

“THE DESIGN PROJECT – Executing an idea” is about that very process. We break down an idea from concept, and discover exactly what is needed to execute that idea. The project this term is in the form of a “Bag Design”. (Why?  Because who doesn’t love a great bag).

This program is not about “technique” (although we do teach that too) or influencing current aesthetics, it’s asking the right questions and coming up with a creative solution. This is about teaching process, breaking down an idea into steps. Taking a big idea from the imagination and putting it into tangible pieces while building self confidence and self esteem. To ultimately develop the idea into what they imagined.

The flow of the Workshop is based on real design processes and thinking done for any project. We simplify the process so kids get it. They develop a deep understanding of how to execute on a detailed level. We help build confidence through asking a series of questions that allow them to express their ideas. They learn how to express their ideas into a form that is complete at the end.

As a child I remember being creative. Then I remember following the “rules” and doing what I was told. It wasn’t until I was in my mid twenties that I learned “how to be creative” again and express my ideas again. It took years to develop confidence in my ideas as an adult. My 10,000 hours started later than it needed to be. What a shame all those years I didn’t know I could. My goal is for every child to know they have it in them already. They just have to practice the art of sharing those ideas.

What if your child was given the opportunity to practice developing their ideas – so well in fact – that they truly knew how to make themselves happy and turn the world into a better place?  That would be giving them a gift of a lifetime – skills that change them and the world.

They become valuable to themselves and the world.

To learn more about Lumi Opus Mini Maker Projects:

To learn more about the amazing Seth Godin, author of “The Icarus Deception, Tribes, and Linchpin”:




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