Farmer’s Market – 23rd November 2013

?????????????????????????????Thank you to everyone who braved our erratic weather to come to the Farmer’s Market on the weekend.  There was some great produce available – I bought some fabulous cherries, the first of the new season apricots, delicious strawberries, bagels, beautiful big porterhouse steaks and that wonderful nougat (which I bought to give as a gift but temptation got the better of me….).

The apricots in particular were something of a bargain in my book – $5kg for delicious tree ripened organic fruit is pretty good I think.  Far tastier than the supermarket fruit that they pick green so it can be transported more easily…..

But I digress, I should be thanking our volunteers who were: 5/6 parents: Sonia and Patricia, 5/6 students: Ahmad, Mannar, Jasmine, Sophie and Isabella, 5/6 teachers: Kyla and Tim and to our other helpers: Renee and Harry, Sally, Mary, Cathal, and Bernard (who did some great work with the donation bucket) Emma, and Ayache in grade 3’s sisters who helped despite no longer attending the school.  Well done and thankyou to all of you.

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KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAGrade 5/6 proved to be very capable pancake cooks and their customer service skills were excellent.

I’m looking forward to working with them once again at the next market on the 14th December.  It will be our 2nd last market for this year and the last at which we will make pancakes.

There is a special Christmas market on Sunday 22nd December – timed perfectly to allow you to get all your produce ready for Christmas Day.

After that there is not a market again until the 25th January (despite what it says on the flyer there won’t be a market on the 11th January) but we will only man the gate at that one.  All of which of which makes it a long time until you will be able to buy pancakes again so make the most of them on the 14th.


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