Farmer’s Market – Oct 27th 2013

It would be lovely if I could say that 3/4B’s first market was accompanied by glorious sunshine but it wasn’t.  Whilst the weather wasn’t bad it wasn’t sensational either – come on Spring it’s time to warm up!!!!  The weather didn’t stop our wonderful volunteers from turning out some excellent pancakes though.

Oct 2013 027

Thanks this week go to: Sue, Aaron and Caitlin, Chris and Fionn, David and Alex, Doug, Lillian and Jack, Rikke, Brett, Loke, Rune and the rest of their clan, Joe and Severin, Megan, Abby and Naomi and a few extra’s – Kalissa, Frankie and Dan, Emma, Matilda, Tilda, Ella and anyone else who lent a hand this week.

Oct 2013 005

Oct 2013 023

At the market this week we started a kids clothes swap.  The basic idea is that you can bring kids clothing to market that you no longer need and exchange it for some that you do.  We had a few people swap clothes this week and hope to build it from here.  If you have any feedback about the swap then please let me know (Liz –  If you have any donations then please bring them to the school office.

Oct 2013 008  Oct 2013 011

As well as the clothes swap we continue to run a craft stall and sell the occasional other item in addition to the pancakes.  This week we sold lemons, some broad beans from the school’s kitchen garden and some home made biscuits – thanks to Emma for taking the time to make them.

Oct 2013 015   Oct 2013 012

Next week (9th November) will be 3/4B’s second market.  I look forward to seeing you there.

Oct 2013 020    Oct 2013 017

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