Farmers Market – Oct 12th 2013

October 12th brought great weather with it.  Fabulous for increasing our lemonade sales, not to mention the gate takings.


 This was grade 2’s second week of volunteering and they had a great time making pancakes, collecting donations, and manning the craft stall.


Our activity this week was butterfly fridge magnets.


Thank you to all our volunteers: Lucy and Jude, Mehrnaz and Aria, Bianca and Amy, Kerrie, Olivia and Jesse, Joe, Michelle, Edwin and Severin, Sally, Cathal, and Mary, Effie and Gregory, Paul, Shay, Tadhg and quite a few ring ins.

?????????????????????????????  KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA  ?????????????????????????????

Thanks also to Emma and Jo and Chloe who made and sold biscuits at the market. Well done to everyone – we raised well over $400 for the grade and another $1200 for the school.

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