Another Successful Farmers Market – 28th September

?????????????????????????????The first grade 2 market was smack bang in the middle of the school holidays on a wet and chilly grand final day.  Not the greatest of days for a market it has to be said.  Fortunately we were blessed with some fabulous volunteers.  We were so well served by volunteers – both kids, parents and grandparents,  that I’m only going to name the kids.    A very big thankyou to:  Hamish
and Layla, Claudio, Pascal, Edward, Alex, Tilda, Emma, Matilda, Lauren, Shay,
Tadhg, Oliver, and Jonah as well as the adults you brought with you.  Once again thank to Erika for the wonderful hummingbird muffins.  Really delicious.

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Grade 2 proved to be excellent pancake chefs, with all the volunteers turning out fabulous plates.  A special mention to Lauren who not only made excellent pancakes but served customers brilliantly giving the correct change every time.

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The market shut a little earlier than normal to let everyone go and watch the footy.  I think there may be some who were particularly happy with the result.


Actually I don’t mean that but with Essendon unceremonious dumped from the finals I guess the only thing to find solace in is that a Victorian team won….

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