Farmers Market Fair – 24th August 2013

August 2013 080Last Saturday saw the Farmer’s Market become the Coburg Farmer’s Fair for a week. This was to celebrate Fair Food week. The candidates for Wills from the 3 main parties came to talk about Food Policy, people from Transition Coburg generously donated their time and energy and built the school a new raised bed and some compost bins and there were other food oriented activities around the market.

All this provided the backdrop to 3/4A’s first market. And a really successful market it was too.  3/4A raised over $650 on the craft and pancake stalls which is our best effort yet.
August 2013 069

Well done to everyone involved.  Thanks this week go to Erica & Carla for making some delicious muffins.  And to our volunteers: Suzi and Yathrib, John, Nicholas and Ethan (the latter’s contribution being mainly as a taste tester…), Anthony and his uncle, Carla and Rupert, Larissa, Vladimir, Sylvie, and Luca, Leftera, Andrew and Amy, Siham, Ayache and his two big sisters, Susan and Max, and 3/4A’s teacher – Danielle and her kids.

August 2013 085   August 2013 081   August 2013 076

August 2013 075I really enjoyed meeting and working with those of you I met for the first time on Saturday.  Apologies for not having more photos this week.  My normal camera is playing up and the a number of those that I took on my phone didn’t work.  I will try and capture those I missed if they volunteer again next market.

The next market is on the 14th September and 3/4A will be back cooking up a storm.

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1 Response to Farmers Market Fair – 24th August 2013

  1. ceebeelee says:

    Brilliant, well done 3/4A!! Glad we were a part of it! Carla Bruce-Lee

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