Farmer’s Market – 10th August 2013

We had absolutely beautiful weather for the market this week. It was cool but lovely and sunny, a perfect winter’s day. Just the sort of weather for planting:

And cooking pancakes:


Once again it was Prep B’s turn to provide volunteers.  Thankyou to: Karen, Rose and her dad, Simone, Nino and Ruby, Maggie, Celia & Liam, Gaby, Eva and her dad,  Emma (who I forgive for stealing Michael away to dig holes) & Annie, Silvia & Emilio, Tamara, her sister, her mum and Ada, Erika, Paul and Tadhg, Megan, Abby & Naomi, Renee, Harry and his dad and of course Prep B’s teacher Michael.  Apologies to all the dad’s whose names escaped me – there’s something about getting up early to make pancake mix that seems to effect my memory….


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A special thankyou to Erika who for the second market  running baked delicious muffins into the wee hours of the morning and then got up to deliver them to the market by 9:00am and then returned for her shift at 10:30am.  A much appreciated effort and one which I think was valued by the lucky people who got to eat one.

Because Prep B parents were so generous with their time we had enough volunteers to also be able to run a craft table at this weeks market.  Thankyou to Lucy for the ‘decorate a mask’ suggestion.  The table proved popular (and easy to run), we sold out of masks and made over $50 for the school.  If you have a suggestion for a cheap and cheerful craft activity to run at our table then please leave a comment at the bottom of the page or find me (Liz – Emma in 1B’s mum) in the playground.


Thanks again Prep B, next time it will be the turn of 3/4A to hold the buckets at the next market on the 24th August.


Before then though is our Maze construction and Planting day (10am Sunday 18th August) – check out the photo at the start of this page to see just how much fun you can have lending a hand.

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