Farmers Market – 27th July 2013

PrepThis week it was Prep B’s turn to man the gate and pancake stall at the market and they did a fabulous job.

Whilst the rain kept away once again it was quite windy but everyone braved the conditions to cook some wonderful pancakes.

Thankyou to all those who helped:

Karen and Rose, Annabelle and Piper, Maggie and Celia (and Liam), Emma and Annie, Benno and Althea, Nino, Simone and Ruby, Erica, Paul, and Tadhg (and Shey), Tamara, Paul and Ada, Megan and Naomi (and Abby) and finally their lovely teacher Michael.  I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone (if I have then let me know and I will make some red-faced adjustments – Liz).

A special thanks must go to Erica who not only cooked up a pancake storm on the day she also made some wonderful Lime and Coconut Cupcakes from some donated limes (thanks Sue).  We are hoping muffins and cupcakes made from donated or farmers market ingredients will become a regular feature at the stall.  Although if I was cooking them I don’t think they’d look or taste as wonderful as these:


Thanks again to all those who helped on the day and keep the citrus (and fruit and jam) donations coming.  They are very much appreciated.

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