Farmers Market – 22nd June

Sunrise and frost blog

The clear day dawned with a beautiful sunrise and a frosty covering all over the oval and playground and it was time for the Farmers Market to begin!

This week the gate and stall were being run by grade 1A and we had lots of volunteers ready to get cooking.

Cooking blog Big Stall smiles blog

The early shift needed to rug up but there were still smiles all around. Despite the cold we had a steady stream of customers coming through from quite an early stage – the pancakes were warming them up (and it helped that we were next to the coffee stall!) More and more we are having customers comment on how fantastic the market is and what a lovely school Coburg North is – it is so great to hear all of these positive comments.

Kids at gate blog Sign Gate blog Gate blogGate blog 2

The kids were having heaps of fun on the gate and there was much frivolity as the pancakes and pumpkin soup were spruiked and the buckets were held out for everyone that passed. The customers were also greeted and shown the way by our gorgeous new signs!

Cooking giggles blog Teacher blog

A huge thanks to all of our helpers – everyone did a wonderful job on the pancakes with a special mention to Miss Testaz led the way with her helper Mark!

Once again we raised around $1700 for the school which is an excellent effort.

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