Kitchen Garden Program


The kitchen garden program is slowly coming together.  We have run two ‘golden time’ gardening activities which saw the kids sowing seeds and planting potatoes.

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We also held a small working bee on Saturday during the Farmers market.

Our task was to shift the 4 square metres of veggie mix that we bought from Coburg Sand and Soil.  The task was undertaken by a small team of volunteers.


Thanks to Sebastian with Hamish (grade 2) and Layla, Jo, Mick and Chloe (grade 1), Kim, Sam, Matilda (grade 1) and Rowan, Liz, Pete and Emma (grade 1), Polly (grade 1), Ella (grade 1), Thomas  (Prep A) as well as Ray who leant a hand towards the end and after I’d put away the camera.

Planting  ?????????????????????????????  KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Sebastian and Pete moved a lot of the dirt whilst the rest of us shovelled a bit, weeded a bit, watered a bit and planted a bit.

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KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA   ?????????????????????????????

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