Farmers Market – 25th May 2013

Our third Farmers Market was held on another nice sunny day and as a result the turnout was, once again, great.  Takings from the pancake stall and donations at the gate were impressive, raising around $1,700 for the school.

Pancake Stall

This week it was the turn of Prep A to supply the volunteers.  A very big thankyou to the following people; Rachael, Richard, Owen, Kirsty, Jennifer, Matt, Lucy, and Sue all of whom are relatives of Prep A pupils.  Our fabulous pancake chefs: Alisha, Imogen, Liam, and Thomas.  And a few parents of grade 1 students: Mandy, Liz, Anya and Kate.

Cooking Pancakes  ?????????????????????????????  ?????????????????????????????

It was a great day and everyone coped admirably with a few issues we had with the pancake batter.  Thankyou for all your hard work!


To see the sort of things that the money is starting to be spent on check out the Recent News article on the website.

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