Our first Farmers Market

Pancake making

Coburg had its first Farmers Market today and I don’t think you could call it anything other than a resounding success.  Unless of course you arrived late and missed out on all the fabulous produce.

Turnips   Veg

Mushrooms  Seedlings

The sheer volume of people coming through the gates meant that much of the fruit, veg, eggs and bread sold out relatively early on.

Crowds at Faremets Market  Farmers Market

We even ran out of batter on the pancake stall.  As the morning went on the queues got longer.

Queues for pancakes  Lines for pancakes

A very big thankyou to all our helpers on the day.  Helping out at various times on the gate were: Sebastian, Luke & Tilda, Pete & Daniel, Tim & Maddie, Chris & Logan, Emma, Polly From 1A), Kirstie and Imogen (from Prep A).  Although there were some who were more keen on spending money than collecting money ….

On the gate   Luke   Shopping

Emma & Polly   Pete

As for the pancake stall a very big thankyou to: Tariq and Yahya.  Yahya was probably our star pancake maker for the day (although Logan ran him a very close second).  Jo & Chloe, Liz & Emma, Meredith & Logan, Kalissa & Frankie, Sandy & Polly (from 1A), and Anya & Ella.  Everyone worked really hard and produced some great pancakes.

Pancake stall         Pancake stall

Making pancakes

We probably made about $400 from our pancakes and could have made a lot more if we had more machines, priced them a little higher, and didn’t run out of batter.  All good learning points for next time.  We will be back at the market in two weeks.

Making pancakes

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