Farmer’s Market

Herb Basket

From the 27th April this year Coburg North Primary School will play host to a Farmers Market. The markets will be held on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month and will be run by the Melbourne Farmers Markets Group (MFM). Whilst the group, who also run highly successful markets at Collingwood Childrens Farm, Abbotsford Convent, Gasworks and Fairfield Primary School amongst others, will manage the market we will have the opportunity to fund raise on market days. The Parents and Friends committee have decided to ask for a a gold coin donation on the gate as well as running a Poffertjes (Dutch mini Pancakes) stall.

Harvest Basket

Markets run by MFM group are designed to allow Victorian farmers the opportunity to sell direct to their customers. Every stall holder at the market will have either grown the produce they are selling or the few selling manufactured goods will have hand-made them. The emphasis is very much on providing fresh seasonal produce including fruit, vegetables, meat and staples such as bread.
The markets represent a fantastic opportunity for both the school and the local community to access fresh seasonal produce direct from the people that produced it and as such it fits in well with Coburg North Primary School’s commitment to Health and Wellbeing. It is also an invaluable opportunity for the school to fund raise.

How can you help?

1. Attend and shop at the market regularly and encourage your friends, neighbours and relatives to do the same. The more people attending, the stronger the market and the better our fundraising capacity will be.  The link below takes you to a poster for circulation:Coburg farmers market flyer

2. Help with the fundraising activities on market days. Some of you will have added your names to the volunteer lists that have been circulated at Parent/Teacher meetings and in the school grounds at pick up and drop off. Even if you haven’t added your name to the list you can still help. We would like to involve the kids in the fundraising effort as much as possible; holding the buckets for the gold coin donations and helping on the pancake stall. Each market will run from 8am until 1pm and each class has been allocated two consecutive markets which we need volunteers for. Check the calendar at the back on the newsletter to see which dates your child class has been allocated. Depending on the numbers of volunteers we will split the time differently, but allocated shifts shouldn’t be more than 2.5 hours per market per helper. I will email the people who have already volunteered but if you haven’t put your name on a list and would like to help could you please email your availability (date and times available) to:

3. Donate fruit from backyard fruit trees. We are planning to sell our pancakes with a fruit jam/syrup which we would like to make from local fruit. If you or any of your family has a tree with excess fruit that you weren’t planning on using then we would love to have it. Please contact liz on 0400197732 or email if you have fruit other than lemons. Fruit other than lemons we would love now or whenever they are ripe. If you have lemons we would love them but only after the school holidays. We will put a box in the school office for you to put excess lemons in at the start of Term 2.

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